How To Get More Smoke From An Electric Smoker?

You will get delicious meat by using an electric smoker. The electric smoker works through its components, such as a water tray, wood chip tray, smoking chamber, and heating element. Some electric smokers have come with a wood chip tray, and some might not. 

When you heat the smoker and add appropriate wood chips, the smoke produces because the heating component creates a lot of heat.

What Is An Electric Smoker?

An electric smoker uses its electric rods as a heating source and is just like an external device for cooking that produces a lot of heat to cook your food. Compared to charcoal-burning competitors, these smokers have a large variety of designs and are easy to operate. 

All the smokers have stainless steel or cast iron construction. Electric smokers have different features such as digital control panels, remote control, cool down cycles and automated preheating, touch power buttons, smoking racks, cooking racks, wanting racks, control options, temperature, and cooking area.

How To Get More Smoke From Electric Smoker

How Does An Electric Smoker Work?

An ordinary electric smoker stands vertically and works well as its main components are good. The heating rods present at the bottom produce heat. You can place the wood chips here so that the heat from the rods can heat it. Over the tray, the water pan heats to produce smoke, and when the water heats to produce smoke, this smoke cooks the food. 

You can set the grill racks according to the size of the food, and the unit has come with vents and dampers to control temperature. When the rods become hot, the wood chips inside the wood tray burn, and the smoke produces that cooks meat. It is a convenient and more accessible way of barbeque. For more detailed guide visit here.

How Much Smoke Does An Electric Smoker Produce?

You should know that it cannot produce as much smoke as other types of electric smokers. Unlike charcoal, it uses electric rods for making heat, which is why it produces less smoke than the others. So, you will have to alter your smoking process while using an electric smoker. 

It does not mean you will not get a good taste, but you must do a little work. Many people complain that it does not produce heat according to your expectations. Hence, you have to make some additions to it to get the taste that you desire.

How To Get More Smoke Form Electric Smoker?

If the electric smoker is not producing enough smoke, you must do some things. The most important thing is to check whether it is producing enough heat or not. You can get proper knowledge about it by reading an online article or manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to get more smoke from the electric smoker, then you should have to read the following steps:

1- Season Your Electric Smoker

Like any new smoker or grill, you would have to take time to season it to eliminate any build-up or residue on the cast iron or steel. By fortifying the electric smoker, you will get rid of food staining.

After seasoning the electric smoker, the smoker will work according to the model instructions. Turn the heat high and allow it to remain on the grill for about an hour. You cannot get the best smokey taste if you forget these steps. 

2- Do Not Soak Your Wood Chips

It is just a myth that the more the wood chips soak, the more the heat produces. When you put the wet chips on the grill, the steam rises that looks white because the chips would have to dry before burning. There is no benefit to this process, only the time wastage. So, if you want more smoke from your smoker, always use unsoaked chips.

3- Make Sure You Are Using Enough Wood Chips

You cannot use a single wood tray for more than four hours. Therefore replace the tray after every four hours. So, always top up your tray to produce more smoke. The first half of the process is essential so try to make it perfect. 

4- Use A Stronger Smoking Wood

Try using more substantial wood chips, such as mesquite or hickory, if you are having trouble producing enough smoke. A highly recommended wood for smoking, mesquite is also a great choice when cooking beef ribs. 

5- Add A Smoking Tube

Always try to use high-quality smoking tubes to ensure that the electric smoker produces enough smoke and fulfills the desire for barbeque. The stainless steel tube holds the wood pellets to produce smoke consistently. You can also use it for cold smoke because it cannot have enough smoke. 

6- Do Not Open The Door Unless Necessary

It looks straightforward, but you must ensure you will not unnecessarily open the door. Like if you are adding or removing the meat or spritzing the ribs by opening the door, a large number of smoke escapes. 

What Are The Components Of An Electric Smoker?

Like propane gas smokers and charcoal smokers, this type of smoker has the following components:

Heating Rods

One or more heating rods are present in the bottom of the smoker, which produces heat to cook food.


Wood Chip Tray

You can use various kinds of wood such as alder, cherry, maple, oak, mesquite, and hickory. In most smokers, wood chip trays surround the smoker, where you place wood chips to heat it. You can also add pellets, chunks, or chips to the heating zone of the smoker.

wood-chips tray

Water Pan

water pan

The water pan is above the wood chip tray and filled with cold water to avoid the temperature rising in the device. Water produces steam to cook food when it heats. 

Grill Racks

Grill racks are available in many electric smokers. You can either place the meat on them directly or put meat in cast iron skillets to place it on the grill racks.

chicken on grill racks

Vents And Dampers

Since the flames rise due to oxygen, you can control the smoker’s temperature by airflow. Dumpers are at the bottom that open so that the air enters the smoker.

The flames rise due to air, and thus the temperature of the device increases. The dumpers present on the upper side open to escape air. 

vents or dampers

Why Would You Want More Smoke From An Electric Smoker?

Novice smokers and grillers very often think about the benefits of producing more smoke from an electric smoker. While using it for the first time, you will probably feel it, but it is a personal view.

Always remember that you will have to do different things during the process to meet your need to smoke. The ideal way to determine whether you should have to do this is to do your research. 

Eating smoking food is just a personal choice. Extra smoke indeed increases the taste of the food, and that is why you are using a smoker in the first place.

You must find the perfect combination of elements to get phenomenal cooked meat. It would help if you did many experiments with the electric smoker before starting it to get smokey food. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For this, cover the internal parts of the electric smoker with oil and then turn it on for up to three hours. Add a few wood chips to the wood tray at the end. Smoke will be generated from these devices as a primer for future use.

The fact is that you can cook meat in an electric smoker without using wood chips. You can consider your electric smoker just like an electric oven. It is a heating element that cooks food on heating, not wood chips.

When you use an electric smoker or any other type of smoker, then it is not necessary to soak wood chips. Wood chips are not only useful for producing smoke and enriching the flavor, and you can do all of this without soaking chips. 

Simply put, a single tray of wood chips will last more than four hours. Therefore, add a handful of wood chips to the smoker every four hours. 

Will you watch the whips of smoke coming out of the grill? The amount of wood depends upon the type of grill. On Weber Smokey Mountain, you must add only a few wood chips.

Final Words

How To Get More Smoke From Electric Smoker? If you want the best result from your electric smoker, you should try adding smaller chips and more at once.

Upon tasting it, you will notice that there is a lot of smoke, which creates a wonderful flavor. You can create lots of smoke from an electric smoker just by adding small chips and lots of them.

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