different Ways To Store Wood Pellets Inside And Outside

I saw many people cursing their pellet grill for not giving optimal results. But to be honest, the problem is mostly with the pellets, not the grill. Inferior and rusted pellets can result in the following issues within your pellet grill:

  • Grill fires 
  • Temperature fluctuations 
  • Taking too much time in the ignition 
  • Jamming of auger 

To me, the main culprit behind the defective pellets is moisture which eats pellets when they are exposed to it. You can get rid of this problem by properly storing the pellets in good condition when you use them next time. If you do not know “how to store wood pellets,” keep reading to get the answer.


What Happens If You Do Not Store Wood Pellets Properly?

They can be ruined if you fail to store your wood pellets properly. This is because of the high moisture content in them. The moisture content makes them so susceptible to water and other substances damage. So, you must maintain your storage space properly to ensure you do not lose any stored pellets.

In addition, if you leave the pellets in a moist place for too long, then they will rot and turn into a waste product. You must therefore ensure that all the pellets are kept dry at all times. If they become wet, they will start to decompose and generate methane gas, which could lead to an explosion or even an ecological disaster if it spreads beyond your home.


How To Store Wood Pellets Indoor?

The following tips will help you store wood pellets indoors:

  • Keep the pellets in an area with good airflow and light exposure. A basement is ideal because there is plenty of space, but do not forget about the water heater vent. The vents should have plenty of airflows so that moisture does not accumulate on the floor and make it difficult for you to move around without getting dirty.
  • Use cardboard boxes for storage instead of plastic bags or bins. They are more durable and will hold up better over time as long as proper ventilation is provided throughout the room where they are located (i.e., ventilator). In addition, cardboard boxes are cheaper than plastic bins because you do not have to label them separately like other products do when storing them in large quantities.

How To Store Wood Pellets Outdoor?

Tips for storing wood pellets outdoors:

  • Try to keep them indoors or under cover as much as possible, so they will not get wet or damaged by rain or snow accumulation. You can also use a shed or garage as a storage space if there is room inside.
  • Do not store them near combustible materials, such as plastics and paper products. You do not want anything that could ignite easily in contact with the pellets and cause an explosion.
  • Ensure there are no gaps between the wood pellets and other materials in your storage area. It will prevent rodents from entering your storage area through cracks or spaces in between the wood pellets and other objects in your storage area (such as batteries).

Wood Pellets Storing Tips

These extra tips will surely be beneficial for you when storing the wood pellets: 

Store Aways From Heat

Wood pellets will last longer if they are not stored in a too-hot place. The best place to store your wood pellets is somewhere where it gets at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, place your wood pellets in an area that is away from any heat source.

Never Store New Pellets With Old Ones

New pellets should be stored with old ones so they do not mix up with each other and cause damage. However, if your wood pellet has been treated with chemicals or has become damaged due to age and use, you should never mix these two types of wood pellets. The reason is it can cause harm to your wood pellet stove or fireplace.

Handle Them Careful

Wood pellets can be quite dangerous if handled without care and caution. Handling them without proper precautions can cause injury or even death due to burns or fires caused by them. Wood pellet stoves should always be cautiously handled so that injuries do not occur.

Place Them Above The Ground

Wood pellets are unlike other items that can be stored on the floor. If you store them on the floor, they are likely to get wet, making them moldy and rot faster. So, ensure your wood pellets do not rest on the ground.

Do Not Sack Them

Wood pellets come in bags, so it is very important that you do not try to sack them up. You need to place them in a box or bag to protect them from moisture and prevent them from getting wet. They will also last longer if they are kept in sacks than placed in boxes or bags.

Keep Them From Moisture

You should also ensure that your wood pellets do not get wet. Therefore, avoid putting them near water sources, such as faucets or sinks. Keeping them out of reach from pets and away from rain or snowfall will be a pretty good preemptive measure.

How Long Do Wood Pellets Last?

If you are wondering how long wood pellets last, the answer is six months to 1 year. This is true because a few things affect how long wood pellets will last. For example, if you purchase wood pellets that are too old, they can become too dry and brittle. It makes them more difficult to burn and may cause them to catch fire while still in their bags or buckets.

If your wood pellets are too dry, they will not be able to maintain the right moisture content. As a result, the pellets will become brittle and may even split open during use. The other thing that affects how long wood pellets last is how you store them. Pellets kept dry will last longer than those stored in damp conditions.

You should store your wood pellets in an airtight container or plastic bag, so they do not get exposed to too much air. The problem with this is that it can lead to moisture problems and increased oxygen levels, which can accelerate the rotting and spoilage of the product over time.


Can You Leave Wood Pellets In Hopper?

The hopper is the part of your pellet that holds the pellets or ammo. You can leave some pellets in your hopper if you want to. But it is not recommended because it can cause problems with your grill. If you leave too many pellets in there, they can jam up the feed mechanism and cause irreparable damage to the pellet grill.

Final Words

If you like to use pellet grills for their awesome smoking power, then it is wise to store them properly. Ensure that you follow all these steps given above to get the most out of your pellet grill. They also need to be kept somewhere dry if you store them. Even if the humidity is not too much, water droplets can fall into your pellets and harm them.

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