How To Use A Smoke Tube On A Gas Grill?

Grilling on the gas grill is recreational and much easier. It is tough to forget the convenience of a gas grill’s fast and low and slow cooking. In large pieces of meat like brisket and pork butt, the smoke flavor is not as deep as when you burn charcoal or wood. Do you want to quickly add more smoke to your food using a gas grill?

For this purpose, you would have to use a smoker tube. But some people need to learn how to use a smoke tube on a gas grill. Do you know? If yes, you also know using a smoke tube is not enough. You must purchase a smoker box. Today, you will learn how to use pellet smoke tubes on the gas grill.

What Is A Smoke Tube?

A smoker tube is a grill accessory that you will use to add smoky flavor to your grilled food. Besides, you have to put your wood chips or pellets in it, then place it on the fire so that the smoke produces.

You must choose a smoke tube that ensures a long-lasting burn, so you won’t have to refuel them as you cool. The smoke tube can be used for cooking food, cold smoking, and adding smoke flavor.


If you only have a grill and do not have money to purchase a smoker for smoking your meat, then use it as an alternative to getting smoked meats because it is straightforward to use very versatile smoke tubes. But only in case, you know how to use it.

When Should You Use A Smoke Tube?

The best thing about the smoker tube is that you can use it for any grill and with any food. If you want smoky food, the excellent answer is a smoke tube. Whether you are cooking veggies, beef, chicken, pork, or turkey, it does not matter.

There must be a misunderstanding that the smoke tube can only be used for those food items that need long-time cooking, but it needs to be validated. The smoke tube can be used even for things that cook quickly, but it may be better.

When you want to have dinner on the table as soon as possible, this 15-minute process is perfect. Cold smoking can also be performed using your smoke tube when the grill is off.


What Are The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Using A Smoke Tube?


  • Easy to clean
  • You can use either wood pellets or wood chips
  • Portable
  • You Can use it for both slow and fast cooking
  • Inexpensive
  • It is an easy method


  • It will not work better if the grill is enclosed, i.e., it needs air circulation.
  • Made up of a thin metal needs to be refilled again and again for long cooking sections.

How To Use A Smoke Tube In A Gas Grill?

If you have started cooking and now want to add a smoke tube, then do not worry. You can do that because you can add a tube anytime during cooking. However, adding a smoke tube in the beginning is recommended as much as possible. Below are some steps to add the smoke tube:

Preheat Your Gas Grill

Start the process by turning your gas grill on. Smoke tubes should be added at the beginning to avoid wasting smoke, but once the smoke tube is ready, you can immediately begin cooking.

Fill The Smoke Tube

First of all, check whether the smoke tube is clean. Now, fill it with the wood chips or pellets you want. 

Light The Tube

Place the smoke tube on the grates and light up one end with the help of a lighter. For a good flame, let the lighter burn for a few minutes.

Let The Smoke Tube Burn

Leave your smoker tube to burn for about 15 minutes, and if any of the chips happen to go out, reignite them. Blow out the flames after 15 minutes.

Grill Your Food

You will see a lot of smoke rising when you blow out the flames. It’s time to place your meat for cooking. Before cooking, make sure you have read the instructions on your specific smoke tube brand to ensure you are following the instructions correctly.

Where To Place A Smoke Tube On The Gas Grill?

When it comes to placing a smoke tube, there are many options. The first way is to put it straight in the center of your grill. It will allow all the things in the grill to get a bit of smoke. 

But you cannot place the tube straight in some grills as the grill needs to be balanced. In this case, you can set your smoker flat on the grill. However, it takes a lot of work to get equal smoke. 

Another important question is on which rack you should have to place your smoke tube. If you have a grill with two racks, place the tube on the lower shelf as the smoke rises to cook food on the upper rack.

If you want to find which position gives your meat the most balanced and complete flavor of smoke, you can play around with your grill and your smoke tube.

How To Use A Smoke Tube On A Gas Grill

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Smoke Tube

You should consider some important factors before buying a smoke tube, such as:

Tube size

The tube size is suitable for knowing how far the smoke will reach in the grill. In general, 12 inches of gas grill tube should be enough for smokers, but some people use larger or smaller boxes.

Tube Shape

The tube shape is usually cylindrical, but it also comes in different forms. For example, some are hexagonal, some are rectangular, and some are cylindrical. The tube shape usually determines smoke distribution. A cylindrical-shaped tube is best, but it is pretty challenging to keep smoke in the same position. Therefore, a hexagonal tube is recommended. 

Density And Distribution Of Pores

The primary purpose of using a smoke tube is to ensure that the smoke will distribute well. So, it is necessary to have enough holes in the smoker. The greater the density of holes and distribution, the ideal the tube will be.

Material Of The Tube

You should buy a tube that will not destroy or melt over time, so stainless steel is the best. It provides better smoke emission and increases the lifespan of the smoke tube. 


Additionally, it is essential to check the tube for grips to prevent rolling around or displacement, as well as hangers for outdoor use. They all are miscellaneous items.

How To Cold Smoke On Your Gas Grill?

Eventually, you have something for cooking and want to add smoke. With the smoke tube and gas grill, it is effortless. 

Fill The Tube

Before filling it with wood pellets or chips, you must ensure that the smoke is dry and clean. 

Light Your Smoke Tube

Ignite the smoke tube with the lighter and ensure only healthy flames are lighting up. 

Wait 15 Minutes

After 15 minutes of lighting, extinguish them. Now, the tube is releasing enough smoke. 

Smoke Your Food

Keep your food on the cold gas grill along with the smoke tube. Keep the grill lid closed and leave it for a while. Just like that, you have officially cold-smoked your food. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It mainly depends upon the size of the smoke tube. For example, a 12-inch tube will last more than 5 hours. A 6-9 inches tube lasts about 3 hours, and most miniature tubes last up to 2 hours. At the same time, some can last up to 8 hours by using special dry pellets.

Another method for lighting smoke tubes is manual. Every grill is made to start with a hot rod igniter automatically. But in two cases, you need to create it yourself. Either you run the grill on a limited supply, or the hot rod igniter has failed.

Smoke tubes are great for adding more smoke flavor to your pellet grill. In the same way as a foil packet or smoker box filled with chips, a smoke tube produces long-lasting smoke. The tube eliminates the need to keep refueling the smoker all the time. These tubes are great for smoking on gas grills, cold or smoky cold.

Your regular propane or gas grill can be made into a full-fledged barbecue smoker with the correct smoker box. You can impart flavor to your food with smoke that escapes from smoker boxes through holes on the top surface.

Final Words

If you want to add smoke flavor to your food, it is necessary to know how to use smoker tubes on the gas grill. Something you can try is a smoker box. A smoker box adds mesquite wood chips for hardwood flavor and uses the burner underneath for heat. It lets the airflow into the grill efficiently, so even more smoke will be added to foods. Get yourself one today and enjoy cooking outdoors.

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