How To Make Wood Chips Manually For Smoking?

Smoking is a fantastic way to enjoy a delicious meal. But the method of smoking requires you to smoke the food with the help of wood smoke to add flavor to the cooked food. Apart from the type of smoking wood, you also need to get the right shape and size of wood.

There are the following categories of smoking wood as per size and shape. Let’s have a look:

  • Logs
  • Wood Chips 
  • Pellets 
  • Wood Chunks 

If you want to smoke food that requires you to use wood chips but can not get them for whatever reason, you should be happy to know that you can make wood chips for smoking. This post will help you with how to make wood chips for smoking, so stay with us.

Best Wood Chips For Smoking 

Following are some best wood chips you can use for smoking food:



Hickory is a very popular wood for smoking food. It has a strong flavor, which makes it ideal for smoking pork, beef, and poultry. Hickory chips are available in different varieties, such as hickory, pecan, and oak. These chips can be used for grilling or barbecuing. They can also be used to smoke brisket, ribs, and turkey.

Apple Wood

Applewood chips are usually used for making applewood-smoked sausages and bacon. They are also very good for making smoked chicken breasts and wings with their sweet taste. Applewood chips can be used by both beginners and experienced smokers as they require no additional seasoning like mesquite or hickory to impart a smoky flavor to your food.




Cherry wood chips are great for smoking salmon because it imparts a milder taste on the fish than other types of wood chips used in smoking salmon fillets, such as hickory or mesquite. Cherry wood chips also impart a sweet flavor to your smoked salmon fillet while providing a milder smoky flavor than other wood chips like hickory or mesquite.


Pecans are light and aromatic wood that lends itself well to smoking food. They have a sweet, nutty flavor that is balanced with an earthy undertone. The pecan also has high moisture content and can be used for smoking food without adding preservatives.




Oak is another great wood chip for smoking food. Oak chips are not as hard as pecan chips, but they impart a more intense flavor to whatever you are cooking with them. For example, oak chips work well when adding flavor to fish or chicken breasts before grilling them outdoors on an open-flame grill or smoker.

Can You Make Your Wood Chips?

Wood chips are the finest way to add smoke food that requires very less time to cook. They are especially useful if you have a small space, as they do not take up much room when you have to store them. If you are short of budget, then you can make your own wood chips at an affordable price.

But if you are new to gardening and do not have any wood chips on hand, it can be a challenging task to source the required raw material. Fortunately, plenty of options are readily available at garden centers and home improvement stores.

How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking

Why Should You Make Wood Chips?

It allows you to customize the wood chip size you want. You can use different types of wood at home so that they will be the perfect size for whatever project you need them for. So, you do not have to go out and buy all types of different sizes of wood chips just for one project or another.

You get better quality control when making your own wood chips this way because there are no middlemen involved who might take advantage of the situation or mess with the order in some way in order to make more profit from it than what it originally cost them. Therefore, it will result in fewer errors or problems with the delivery, etc.

Do what you want to do if you want to make wood chips. There are tons of benefits to making your wood chips. It is easy to make wood chips if you have a wood shop or other equipment. You can also create them at home if you have the right equipment. You can save money and time.

Equipment You Need To Make Wood Chips

To make wood chips, you will need some equipment, including:

  • Wood chippers: These are the tools that chop up sawdust into smaller pieces. You may already have one or purchase them from an outdoor supply store.
  • Axe: You need an axe to make wood chips. The axe must be sharp and sturdy enough to easily cut through the wood.
  • Hammer: A hammer is also an important tool when making wood chips. It is used to pound the log into smaller pieces and flatten them out.

How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking?

To make wood chips for smoking, you will need to have the right kind of wood. The best wood for smoking is hardwood, such as oak or hickory. Hickory is best because it has a sweet taste and burns slowly and hotly. You will also need a smoker to use with your wood chips. Many types of smokers are available, so choose one that matches your smoking style.

If you want to make wood chips for smoking, you can cut down some trees in your backyard. All you need to do is cut a hole in the tree trunk where you want to place the pipe, then slice off what you need. Once you have your wood chips ready, now is the time to pour them into your smoker and start smoking.

Final Words

Making wood chips for smoking is quite simple, and everything you need is available at home. They will not only save you money but also provide you with a better experience in smoking. If you have any questions about this post, comment, and I would love to solve your problem.

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