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We are a team of pit masters dedicated to make a resourceful platform for BBQ and grilling enthusiasts and beginners.

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We love to barbeque and have experienced many things which is not good. So, we have decided to share our knowledge about grilling and smoking. We also reviewed many smokers and grills for our readers so they can choose a perfect thing.

We are not associated with any brand or company the reviews and information we share here are unbiased reviews of our experience and knowledge. We are affiliated with Amazon and get commission of each sale amazon got through our plate from but this is necessary to support this initiative of providing you the updated and latest information about pit accessories and their use.

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We are not product sellers our main goal is to provide our readers more valuable and viable information about smoking. We are only providing reviews about most viable smoker, grills and their tools for our readers so that they can get the best according to their need and enjoy BBQ.

Thanks for reading this for further details you can contact us we love to hear from you.

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