How Long Do Pellets Last In A Pellet Grill?

As a newbie, we often used to go with those options that are convenient and easy to do because it saves us from making huge mistakes. The same is the case with grilling, as charcoal grills are messy and gas grills are expensive. Therefore, the ideal choice left is a pellet grill, as it is both affordable and straightforward to use. 

If you have a pellet grill with that mindset and do not know much about how long pellets last in a pellet grill, you are lucky. I will give you a thorough insight into the lasting time of pellets inside the pellet grill. Proceed with the reading if you do not want to run out of pellets in the middle of the grilling session.

How Long Do Pellets Last In A Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills usually consume around 1-3 pounds of pellets/hour. It all depends on the model of the grill and the temperature setting you use for your grill. So how long does a bag of pellets last, right? Typically, a bag of pellets weighs 20-pound. Therefore you can expect it to last anywhere between 6 to 20 hours.

How many pellets will last in the pellet grill depend upon multiple factors? Many often question, “how long do pellets last at 225 degrees Fahrenheit temperature”. According to my experience, I can say that at that temperature, 0.5 to 1-pound pellets will last for an hour.


Factors That Affect How Long Pellets Last In A Pellet Grill

Your home will benefit from a Pellet Grill. You can use it efficiently, save money, and have fun. There is little maintenance needed when using a pellet grill. These factors hugely affect how long pellets last in a pellet grill: temperature, pellet size, and grill.

Fuel Type

The fuel type used in a pellet grill dramatically affects how long it will last. Most pellet grills burn wood chips or pellets made from compressed sawdust. These fuels burn very hotly, so they will burn quickly and thoroughly. So, you need to ensure that you have enough fuel to keep your grill going for as long as possible before refilling it with more pellets or wood chips.

fuel type



The size of the pellets also affects how long they will last in your pellet grill. In general, larger pellets will last longer without being replaced. You can find large bags of wood chips or pellets at most hardware stores that sell outdoor supplies like garden supplies or building supplies.


The temperature of the food you are grilling affects how long pellets will last in a pellet grill. If you are cooking a steak, for example, you will probably want to use a higher heat setting than if you were doing something like steaks. Your wood pellets will not last long in your pellet grill or smoker if you are cooking at high temperatures.

Whether Conditions

If your pellets are exposed to moisture for an extended time, they will begin to deteriorate faster than other types of fuel. If you have used the grill in wet weather conditions or if there has been a lot of rain recently. To ensure your pellets last longer, always grill outdoors when there is not too much humidity outside.

Pellet Grill Consumption Chart

Following is the consumption chart of a pellet grill. Let’s have a look to understand the facts and figures in detail.

Temperature RangeWeight Of PelletsBurning Time
200 Degree Fahrenheit0.66 pounds90 minutes
300 Degree Fahrenheit1.2 pounds60 minutes
400 Degree Fahrenheit2 pounds45 minutes

From the above chart, it is clear that if you go for high and fast grilling, then you will need more pellets as compared to if you go for low and slow grilling.

How To Make Pellets Last Long?

Pellet grills are a great way to cook your meat and vegetables. Using pellets wisely is the key to getting the most value out of your budget. You will want to use them often, but not every day. To keep your pellets lasting longer, you should follow these tips:

1) Use Quality Pellets

To prolong pellet life, you must use only the best pellets. It means they should contain no chemicals or fillers, which can cause them to break down faster than normal pellets. Additionally, they should come from natural materials such as wood or corn husks rather than chemical additives like borax or sodium nitrate. These additives can cause them to break down much faster than other types of fuel.

2) Clean The Grill Regularly

Pellet grilling relies heavily on maintaining the grill’s cleanliness. Once you start using pellets, you will notice that they do not last long. So, it is necessary to clean your pellet grill regularly. Grills are made up of different parts and pieces which can be cleaned differently. You should know how to clean the grill properly to ensure it remains as fuel efficient as possible.

3) Get A High-Quality Pellet Grill 

When it comes to making pellet grills last long, it is mandatory to use quality pellet grills. You must buy a quality pellet grill that can withstand heavy-duty usage without breaking down quickly. A good quality pellet grill should have at least 700 degrees Fahrenheit temperature control system, which can work for hours without breaking down under normal circumstances.

4) Store Pellets In A Dry Place 

Make sure the pellets are stored in a dry place. If not, they will absorb moisture and become sticky. It will make it hard to use them because they will not roll and will not hold their shape. You can also make your pellets sticky by storing them on the lid or in an airtight container.


Final Words

The main problem all pellet grillers face is to keep an even heat on the grill, which is possible if you know the lasting time of pellets in a pellet grill. With all of this information, you should now have a pretty solid understanding of how long pellets last in a pellet grill. 

From here, you can use your knowledge to determine if you have enough pellets for the entire grilling session or whether you will need to resupply halfway through. It is easy to calculate the perfect temperature with the help of the pellet grill consumption chart.

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