How To Increase Smoke In Pellet Smoker For Extra Flavor

Everyone likes the level of smoky flavor according to their taste. Some want a grill-smoke taste, while other want a smoky flavor. It is up to your choice what you want and whatever aroma you like.

The people who like subtle smoky flavors come to pellet grills, and want to know how to get more smoke flavor from pellet grill, then continue reading.

Tips To Get More Flavor From Pellet

Here we describe some essential tips that help you get more smoke from pellet grills. 

1- Use Different Pellet Flavors

If your standard pellets do not meet your taste’s demand, use different pellet flavors, such as Hickory, Cherry, Apple, and competition blend. Hickory pellets give the rich flavor that you want.

apple wood pellets

2- Manage Your Smoker Settings

Some pellet grills come with a special smoke setting to increase the amount of smoke inside the grill when the grill’s lid is closed. Such grills have a special super smoke mode that raises the smoke capacity to 165-225 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the ever-best way to produce more smoke but at low temperatures. 

The pellet grill smokers with super smoke mode start producing more smoke at the lower desired temperatures. It is good for such meat to take an extended time of 12-16 hours. Low the temperature and in this mode for better taste. 

A pellet grill named Camp Chef Woodwind comes with a smoke control system. This smoke controller distributes all the pellets evenly on the grills to maintain the temperature. You can control it via the app.

3- Do Not Rush The Cooking

Besides this, to get the best smoky food, have patience because you can rush to fry hot dogs, and burgers without getting smoke-flavored food. Smoky food with more flavor needs to take time for the best taste. 

You are not allowed to raise the temperature, and do not open the lid again. The reason is the more you open the lid. The more smoke is reduced. Of course, your purpose in producing smoke is not to overcook. You just want smoky flavor food.

smoked food

4- Add A Smoke Tube

A smoker tube is like a stainless steel pipe connected with grills to increase the amount of smoke inside the grill. The smoker tube is the same as putting the wood chunks over the charcoal grill to get more flavor. 

Along with this, a smoker box is also the best option for those who do not want to use a smoker tube go for a smoker box. The smoker box is a tiny metallic box filled with wood chunks. Therefore, you have to spread these wood chunks or pellets over the grats, and strong smoke is produced.


5- Never Wrap Meat 

It is a common bbq technique to wrap the meat in aluminum foil. The concept of wrapping the aluminum foil is to produce moisture to soften the meat.

But the aluminum foil blocks the smoke outside. So avoid wrapping aluminum foils and use a smoker box instead of it. The smoker box allows the smoke to enter the food and gives a mouth-watering smoky flavor.


6- Fix Leaks 

Some cheaper smokers leak more smoke which means to get more flavor. You need a large amount of pellet smoke. Try to fix the leaks. It will raise the temperature inside the grill, and more smoke will penetrate the meat. 

7- Use Of Hexagon Tube Smoker

BBQ lovers want more smoke flavor. Amazingly, a smoker’s selection is important to consume in the smoke. Various smokers of different manufacturers are available nowadays with well-known performance. But among all, the hexagon tube is best suited for grilled food. Pellet smoke entered the grill through its tube.

haxagon smoker tube

8- Keep Away The Food From Direct Exposure To Heat 

Never expose the food directly to heat because direct heat grates the grill temperature up to 400 degrees plus. It cooks the upper layer quickly, unable the smoke from penetrating the inner layer of heat.

Pellet smokers are best suited for this cooling as they come with cooler zones. The meat will cook slower on these smokers, and smoke infiltrates the middle layers of meat. 

9- Use A High-Quality Pellet

Besides that, pellet quality is paramount to get more smoke flavor in your meat. Also, low-quality wood pellets contain dangerous substances that contaminate the meat. Hardwood pellets are the best grade pellets for a good smoke, as they burn longer and create more smoke.

Moreover, the appropriate way to choose the best pellet is that you can do experiments on different types of pellets and then select the one which suits you.

10- Avoid Opening The Grill 

Whenever you smoke your meat, it is essential not to open the grill. You can open it a little bit only to check how the meat is cooked. If you intermittently open the lid, the temperature fluctuates, and your near takes time to cook.

Additionally, it would be best to use a smoker having a probe that tells the internal temperature of food.

11- Use Appropriate Size Meat

Adding flavor to meat is not tricky. You just need to use good meat size. Choose meat from organic, locally grown, grass-fed livestock. It is best to choose an average size meat piece to avoid too fat or too lean pieces of meat.

Too thick meat cuts block the entry of carbon dioxide and nitrogen during smoking. In simple words, you can say that thick cuts of meat avoid the entry of smoky flavor.

How To Get More Smoke Flavor From Pellet Grill

Why Does Pellet Grill Not Create Much Smoke?

All pellet grills are designed in such a a way that their working is excellent. For example, when they reach the temperature of your command, they shut off automatically. These grills differ from stick burners and charcoal, where there is continuous smoke. 

Pellets burn faster than chunks as soon chunks are left over the charcoal, producing less smoke than wood pellets. Also, pellet grills give subtle flavor and produce less smoke than conventional charcoal grills.  

In pellet grills, fuel is added automatically. It maintains the grill temperature and produces blue light smoke rather than thick plumes. However, if you want to intensify your cooking experience and need the delicious flavor with pellet grills, follow the tips below.

Why Does Pellet Grill Not Create Much Smoke 1


Pellet grills are one of the greatest grills to maintain a constant temperature. However, if you improve your cooking style and take it to the next level, follow all the tips mentioned above. And if you have experienced all these tricks and got results, then change your grill.

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